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 A message for tiger.

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PostSubject: A message for tiger.   Sat 4 Sep 2010 - 18:45

Have a looksee at this.

your other personality: matrix you love being in the van with me
your other personality: wich one of us wears the condem this time
your other personality: xD
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Oh god...
your other personality: oh ya
your other personality: um you might have aids
your other personality: if so
your other personality: wasnt from me
your other personality: k
your other personality: *wink wink*
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: MEDSS
[Doomsday]matrixninja: How old are you two
[Doomsday]matrixninja: ?
your other personality: im old anough to have a cock and your old anough to suck it
your other personality: does that count
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: 10 and 12
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Ooohhh...you sun of a gun
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: he's 10 and 12
[Doomsday]matrixninja: You DID NOT JUST FREAKIN SAY THAT
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: no he is bout 20
your other personality: type idiot
your other personality: typo idiot
your other personality: *facepalm*
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: ya right facepalm
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Tiger
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Run
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: ass
your other personality: matrix go suckacunt
your other personality: xD
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Gladly
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: you have no idea what a cunt is do you?
[Doomsday]matrixninja: And,tiger,I assume you feel like a proud big boy 10yr old using swears don't ya?
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: it is a comeback not something youu suck
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: he isnt 10 idiot
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Yes,he is
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Actually
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: ya right
[Doomsday]matrixninja: He admited it
your other personality: no
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Yea
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: what
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: no
your other personality: im 12
[Doomsday]matrixninja: SURE you are
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: he is
[Doomsday]matrixninja: You say you 11
[Doomsday]matrixninja: 12
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: i'm 10
[Doomsday]matrixninja: No
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Hes 10
[Doomsday]matrixninja: He ALWAYS says hes 11
[Doomsday]matrixninja: or 12
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: we are bros
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Which,you then AGAIN admit your 10
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: ok go up
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01: scroll up
your other personality: im 12 you motherfucking idiot
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Honestly,I don't care how old you are
your other personality: he is ten
[Doomsday]matrixninja: OOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY GOD
[Doomsday]matrixninja: YOU USED A SWEAR WORD
your other personality left chat.
[Doomsday]matrixninja: Im so scared
[Doomsday}Rainbozo01 left chat.

Well,tiger.Honestly,I think your a VERY immature little boy.First,you start out making some jokes,which I can understand,then you start swearing at me,which is funny because apparently,you think your all cool,and making an impression on your brother by swearing,dont ya? After asking how old you are,you jugle around some lies,saying your 12.OH MY,I didn't know you grew up from being 10 so fast.Let's see,a few months ago,a post was made about your immaturity,and I recall it saying you lied about being 12,THEN 11,but I also recall you saying your 10! Its amazing that you can magically teleport through and back your age!

Every time something goes the way you DON'T want it to,you complain,rage and act like your all scary.You apologize in a way that I can tell your trying to get deemed mature.Hell,I even assumed you grew up a little,but after seeing on the fourm what you where saying,aswell as on the chat,I changed my mind.When are the lies going to stop? I really just wish you would grow up.
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PostSubject: Re: A message for tiger.   Tue 7 Sep 2010 - 16:09



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PostSubject: Re: A message for tiger.   Wed 8 Sep 2010 - 22:19

Every time you post, I love you a little bit more, matrix.
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PostSubject: Re: A message for tiger.   

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A message for tiger.
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